How to choose the optimal water purifier for you. A buyer’s Guide

How to choose the optimal water purifier for you. A buyer’s Guide

Obviously, before a "how" there is a "why" - but reading this article means that you already know, at least in part, why.

  • You have the guarantee of a safe drinking water cleaned of mechanical impurities that can come on the pipes in the water supply system;
  • You have the comfort of a source that gives you cold or hot water, as you need it
  • The safety above helps you pay less money on bottled water - including saving and consuming less plastic.
  • With a service provided by a company specialized in hydration services you have the guarantee of good functioning and maintenance of the device.
  • (and these reasons are definitely not exhaustive…)

But let's return to the question in the title. The market is full. There are numerous models. How do you choose what's best for you?

Selection of the water purifier according to the filtration system

First of all an explanation - "water purifier" does not mean that it makes a microbiologically pure water - you could not even drink something like that. The water purifier is a device that filters water through several filtration systems, and delivers it cold or hot, safe for consumption.

Now that we have clarified this, in general you will find on the market:

  • Activated carbon purifiers - this is one of the most common and efficient water filtration system; with it you have the guarantee that you have eliminated chlorine and other potentially toxic or unpleasant substances in the water.
  • Ultraviolet lamp purifiers - these lamps clean the water well, but their lifespan is not very long, but rather like a light bulb.
  • Purifiers with reverse osmosis filters - they are more expensive, but also safer, because they also eliminate bacteria, parasites or viruses. It is advisable to have such a purifier in mind if you directly extract water from a well or spring, and does not pass through the control of a specialized company.
  • Water ionizer purifiers - The most complex and safe (but not cheap), these devices not only filter water, but can also change its hardness (pH). Thus, you can have alkaline water for drinking and cooking, or acidic water, for vegetable cleaning and washing - plus water with unchanged pH for drinking.

So, when choosing a purifier, keep in mind that their power to eliminate whatever is not welcomed in the water you drink differs depending on the technology and price but, most importantly, you must take into account the water source to which you will connect it.

Simple water purifier vs. double doser

If you are sure that you only want drinking water, a simple purifier, ie with a single tap, from which you only get cold water, is what you need. However, you still make coffee, tea, instant soup. Or you may have problems with your teeth, and the water in the dispenser is too cold. You will then want a dispenser with two taps, which will give you water at 95 degrees Celsius. In general, double dosing is the best choice!

Choosing the water purifier according to the capacity of the tank

Another important thing to know before choosing a purifier is to know how much water is consumed. It is important if one, two or more people drink from there. The more consumers, on average, the bigger the appliance you get should be - if you don't want to run out of water at any given time, of course. Small dispensers, for one person or two, have a 3-4 liter tank - large ones, with which you satisfy the thirst of the family, have 10 liters.

The right size of water purifier

As we’ve said before, the size of the appliance differs depending on its ability to filter and retain filtered water - so a dispenser for more consumers will be larger, and one for smaller consumption can fit on a sideboard!

Selection of the water purifier according to the installation

Many water purifiers on the market are relatively simple to install. It involves choosing the optimum place to install it, take into account the flow of people, the light and humidity, plug in the power hose and the job is done. However, it is safer if you turn to the company from which you buy it for assembly. And the safest thing is to use the services of a provider of such systems as a subscription, because the technicians will know how to install it in complete safety, but also to tell you how to use it and maintain it in a way so you have no problems with it.

The best water purifier - warranty and maintenance

In general, as with any other product, quality is paid. It is good to beware of the devices offered at suspiciously low prices, because most likely they will have questionable quality and will break down quickly. A respectable manufacturer, which has confirmed over time its position on the market will offer not only quality, but also warranty and service for the device sold. Again, for more comfort, more economy and less headaches, it is best to call on the services of a hydration service provider – meaning you will not have to buy the device, instead you will get a subscription which will include the device offered in custody, installation, maintenance, service and regular filter change.