Manage your La Fantana subscription with our app!

Manage your La Fantana subscription with our app!

Q: Who should use this app?


A: My La Fantana has been built to significantly ease our customers’ business relationshiop with us. All our customers, both individuals and businesses can access it, regardless on the type of service – water, coffee or both. It is a modern, 100% digital alternative to traditional customer management, such as a phone call or an e-mail.


Q: What is the La Fantana app actually offering?


A: The app offers a friendlier and significantly more effective way to reach out to us. Things such as managing your subscription (orders, financial info or contract info) are just a click away. Since time is critical for everyone, La Fantana has deployed this app precisely because access to information should be fast and handy. Phones and emails take more time – so one can say the app’s main feature is saving time.


Q: So what are the main features?


A: Just to name a few – through the app, customers can place orders for products included in their subscription, they can pay their bills or see the relationship history with us. For instance, they can see whether their services are properly tailored to their needs and request adjustments. Besides, given that many of our customers are online throughout the day, the app ensures fast contact with our Customer Service department through the interface that allows sending direct messages to our colleagues.


Q: How is this application available?


A: The app’s desktop version has been available since 2016 and was given a major layout and capabilities upgrade the following year. In this moment the La Fantana app is also available through Apple Store, as we prepare to also deploy an Android version.

The access to any version of the app is granted by request with one call to our call-center at +