Kafune Coffee

Kafune Coffee

KAFUNE is La Fantana’s own coffee brand, created by experts as a superior coffee blend. Provided with a unique brewing machine that includes grinding and extraction, KAFUNE is a fresh, tasty and full-bodied coffee.

Enjoying an intense and clear taste, KAFUNE introduces itself as a statement of independence. Energetic and straightforward, KAFUNE is always genuinely keeping its strong personality. It is seductive and tonic, always fresh, always interesting. KAFUNE is inspired by the spirited lifestyle of Brazil, where every day is a equally rough and soft caress.

The KAFUNE taste is rich and well bodied. The medium roast ensures an intense, yet balanced signature, completed by a full, distinctive aroma. The aftertaste confirms the quality of the beans selection and thus the superior blend

KAFUNE is part of a complete, subscription-based services package. Choose one of the available options to enjoy an excellent coffee at the office cost-effective, quickly and predictably. La Fantana services include:

  • The amount of coffee beans, as selected in the subscription pack.
  • Monthly office delivery.
  • The coffee maker is given in custody.
  • Professional setup.
  • Usage training.
  • Maintenance and service.

Kafune condensed milk

UHT condensed milk, 10% fat – preferred partner of any coffee that awakes you in the morning or boosts your energy at the office.

Kafune Biscuit

Put some "home-made" flavour into your office coffee with the Kafune biscuit, prepared and baked following a traditional recipe.

Kafune Sugar

The classic choice to sweeten your coffee – presented in 5 gram sealed paper sachets, white or brown.

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