Spring water

Spring water

La Fantana – Spring water is extracted from Mitrovo Polje, Serbia – a mountaineous, forrested pleateau splattered with oaks and pine trees, surrounded by 2,000m-high peaks, far from industrial and urban polluters. This pristine landscape hides another treasure – the La Fantana water, well preserved and protected under 100 million years-old marble formations.

This water is extracted and bottled at the source in a distinctive recipient to express its personality: a mineral-balanced, neutral-taste water with a fresh, pleasant taste which satisfies without flamboyance. Its distinction is given by the bottle shape – an elegant and soft appearance highlighting the noble simplicity of its content.

It is this very simple, yet elegant shape that allows you the projection of your own standards. As a welcoming and constant visual presence in your office meetings, La Fantana bottled water can become a symbol of value and care for your guests, business partners and customers alike. La Fantana – spring water is available in both still and sparkling types.

The product is delivered in packed boxes with bottles of water 0,5 L each.

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