Watercooler devices are the classic solution of water supply. With a modern design and easy to use, they are offered with free custody during the contract. You can enjoy hot, cold and even carbonated water.

Talk to one of our consultants about subscriptions for 19-liter or bag-in-box water, the appropriate quantity and cost for complete water services.

Watercooler subscriptions

The La Fantana watercooler with 19L can is the ideal solution for your office. The unit is easy to install and provides both cold and hot water. Choose the subscription that suits your company's water needs and we take care of everything you need.

Carbowatercooler subscriptions

Carbo watercooler subscription is the solution of hydration for those who love sparkling water. The monthly subscription includes the free custody of a carbocooler and 4 La Fantana cans of 19 litres of water.

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