Touch espresso machine provide simple operation but smart, and user-friendly interface.

With 2 groups, machines are available in semiautomatic or electronic version, with volumetric dosing via microprocessor and electronics, with volumetric dispenser and display/coffee counter.

They have the following overall specifications:

• Housing with stainless steel and painted steel panels

• Copper boiler and tubing, brass fittings

• Two steam taps

• A hot water tap

• Dual scale manometer indicating boiler and pump pressure (single scale manometer for the version with display)

• Light, indicating device in operation (for the semiautomatic version only)

• Glass tube for boiler water level control

• External softener

• Automatic water supply (A.E.A.)

• CTS thermosiphonic hydraulic system

• Built-in motor pump

Available colours

• Black/Stainless steel

Idea duo


 Structural specifications

•Set dimensions (w x h x d): 530 x 690 x 545 mm

• Weight: 58.5 kg

• Material: steel frame and painted 

 • Housing Material: ABS + stainless steel/polycarbonate

 Electrical specifications

• Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz

• Power consumption: 3300 W