Coffee Capsules subscriptions

Coffee Capsules subscriptions

An authentic Italian espresso is recognized immediately. It is an art. Creamy and dense, with intense flavour, it has a balanced bittersweet taste, with sour and fruity nuances that persist over half an hour. It is the "blend" of several types of coffee from different corners of the world, to create an incomparable flavour.

All these qualities are found in the Lavazza coffee. An unmistakable pleasure, a ritual and a lifestyle that has spread throughout the world. Lavazza is today synonymous with quality coffee.

Milk for coffee

Green milk is ideal for the right milk cream, dense, smooth and velvety, with a great consistency.

Sweet complementary

Perfect parteners of the ideal coffee. We cover the entire range of complementary products, to ensure the perfect harmony to our clients.


We offer a full coffee experience also thanks to the wide-ranging accessories. You will find in our offer products that make a perfect coffee.

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