Tap water comes from natural sources and includes the necessary elements for a healthy body, such as iron, zinc, copper, calcium, magnesium or potassium. Although distributed suitable for drinking, water in public networks can be contaminated on the route due to improper condition of the pipelines that transport it.

An efficient solution to have permanent pure water for drinking and cooking consists of the filtration systems and water purifiers. La Fantana offers two options that can be used at home and/or office: the purifier, a device similar to a watercooler, which provides both cold water and hot water, and the water filtering kit, which mounts easily under the sink. La Fantana water filters eliminate or reduce the levels of lead, chlorine and other compounds, solvents and pesticides or impurities such as sand or rust, and potential parasites. In addition, pure water, odorless and tasteless is obtained.

You will get clean water, safe to drink by the whole family, children and adults alike. You can use it in cooking and preparing beverages.

In addition, you are relieved of the cost and effort to transport and carry it. Moreover, you have autonomy, and you can drink it unlimitedly.

Purifier subscription

The classic water purifier allows a high consumption of water by harnessing safe drinking water distributed through public networks.

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