KAFUNE - Brazil’s exuberance on your desk

Subscription-based coffee solution for office, in a complete service package
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KAFUNE is La Fantana’s own coffee brand, created by experts as a superior coffee blend. Provided with a unique brewing machine that includes grinding and extraction, KAFUNE is a fresh, tasty and full-bodied coffee.

Enjoying an intense and clear taste, KAFUNE introduces itself as a statement of independence. Energetic and straightforward, KAFUNE is always genuinely keeping its strong personality. It is seductive and tonic, always fresh, always interesting. KAFUNE is inspired by the spirited lifestyle of Brazil, where every day is a equally rough and soft caress.

The KAFUNE taste is rich and well bodied. The medium roast ensures an intense, yet balanced signature, completed by a full, distinctive aroma. The aftertaste confirms the quality of the beans selection and thus the superior blend.

Special coffee brewer

Senseo Sarista

To fully enjoy KAFUNE’s distinctive qualities use the special coffee brewer provided by La Fantana. The machine ensures an always fresh and tasty coffee through its unique grinding and coffee extraction system.

The slow, pre-infusion and infusion brewing produces a dinctinctive, full-bodied coffee. Brewing with this system ensures full extraction and leverage of coffee’s essential constituents, more efficiently than other brewing systems such as filter, pots or vending machines. The KAFUNE taste is distinctive, rounder and fullier than a filter coffee, yet softer than an espresso. Moreover, the brewing machine does not alter either the taste or aroma of the coffee through thermal exhaustion, as it happens with boiled coffee or with coffee kept for too long in the filter heater.

Besides that, the coffee maker stores beans in a closed jar integrated with the machine, thus protecting the coffee against oxidation. Beans are grinded just before brewing, ensuring freshness in every cup.

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