La Fantana water


La Fantana has its own physicochemical and microbiological water testing laboratories, one for each of its two factories, in Bucharest and Sibiu.  

Both laboratories are certified by the National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority and are ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified.

We test each batch of water exiting the factory through strict monitoring and control plans, in accordance with the ISO 22000 food safety standard. We perform monthly, on average, 15,000 physicochemical and microbiological tests, that means approximately 700 daily measurements, aimed at checking the water quality parameters. We make sure thus, that water reaching the customer is safe for consumption and its parameters are within regulations.

In addition, the company performs monthly analyzes of water batches at external labs of the Directorates of Public Health in Bucharest and Sibiu, and every 8 months at LAREX, a laboratory of the Office for Consumer Protection, within the audits intended to validate the brand of LAREX tested product.

Any La Fantana customer can request water testing at no charge. Over 100 water samples are analyzed at the request of customers every month, undergoing more than 1500 tests. Following these tests, customers will be advised about a viable solution of supply with water good for consumption in each case, as a result of laboratory tests.


Bottled water - 19-liter

La Fantana name is synonymous with "office water" or "watercooler" in Romania, being the leading supplier of bottled water on the local market. 

La Fantana fresh water is bottled safely in sterilized cans and made available for consumption using watercoolers.

For more than 1.5 million employees in Romania and Serbia, La Fantana is the main source of hydration throughout the day, with safe and good drinking water. For its approximately 40,000 customers, the company is the supplier that allows them to take care of their employees with a complete package of services. 


Bottled water - Bag-in-box

Spring water collected from Talmaciu, Sibiu County, is made available through La Fantana in a secure, easy-to-use package: the 10-liter bag-in-box.

The water is bottled in a box with a special system that does not allow contact with air, its content being thus protected against microorganisms.

The box can be placed on a metal, ergonomic base or in a mini watercooler, La Fantana innovation awarded in 2010 with Best Innovation & Design by the European Bottled Water Association.