Kafune Intenso coffee

Kafune Intenso coffee

La Fantana offers you a concentration of energy, lust for life, vigour and taste – Kafune Intenso.

Kafune Intenso is a superior blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, mostly Brazilian. Created by Italian liquorer experts, Kafune Intenso is an energizing synergy between Brazil’s exotic flavors and Italy’s espresso-making tradition.

Kafune Intenso unveils an exuberant, voluptuous aroma; it displays dark brown, cocoa-nuanced chromatics and a strong, articulated taste which does not conceal the sophisticated nature of its composition.

Saeco Lirika is the artisan of Kafune Intenso espresso enjoyed at the office; able to act like an alchemist on coffee beans, this mini-barrista will brew you an espresso just as you like it!

KAFUNE INTENSO is part of a complete, subscription-based services package.


Kafune Intenso subscriptions are:

  • PRIMO    - Contains 1 kg of coffee delivered monthly
  • GRANDE  - Contains 2 kg of coffee delivered monthly


Choose one of the available options to enjoy an excellent coffee at the office cost-effective, quickly and predictably. La Fantana services include:

  • The amount of coffee beans, as selected in the subscription pack.
  • Monthly office delivery.
  • The coffee maker is given in custody.
  • Professional setup.
  • Usage training.
  • Maintenance and service.

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