Dispensers and equipment service

The La Fantana equipment service is free and it is made by our technicians at your home, at the company, restaurant, hotel or coffee shop.


Sanitation and ozonation

For safe water consumption from the watercoolers and purifiers, they need constant sanitation. La Fantana technicians will conduct professional cleaning and will disinfect the interior and exterior of the unit, according to contract. The units are disinfected with a portable ozone generator, which is 3000 times more effective than chlorine.

Within the service package through which we provide coffee for your business we include the maintenance of the espresso machine and associated equipment we deliver to you. We keep track of the last cleaning and maintenance operations and will contact you to schedule new checks at regular intervals.


SIP 2000 – Daily sanitation + energy saving

For the first time in Romania, La Fantana introduced SIP – 2000 a piece of equipment that provides automatic sanitizing water of the watercooler and reduce energy.

SIP 2000 is a very small generator which is put behind watercoolers and purifiers. The generated ozone is like a highly effective disinfectant, with short and predefined time action. After antimicrobial action it decomposes into oxygen and refreshes the taste of water. It has no side effects, and the sanitations are planes during night, in order not to interrupt water consumption. In addition, SIP 2000 holds the „power down” options which allows to interrupt the power of watercooler during the night, and in this way provides savings on your electricity bill and reduced environmental impact.



SIP 2000 it is available by request, like an extra  subscription option, for each La Fantana watercooler type.

  • Permanent daily sanitation
  • Modern, safety and efficient  technology
  • Reduce electricity bill
  • Automatic scheduling sanitization
  • Automatic interruption and resumption of the watercooler


"SIP 2000 is a technology that uses innovative processes found in nature to provide even more safety for consumers and preserve water quality", says Derek Callaghan, Vice President of Watercooler Europe Association and Director of Sales & Marketing of SIP Tehnologies.

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