Social responsibility

We are a company built on care - companies' care to ensure daily hydration to their employees. We support Romanian values and spirit, because these are important parts of us - that made us who we are today. We owe our success to the responsible way in which our clients treat their own employees. And we further act responsibly to the community: we aim to be active participants with solutions to problems around us and to sustain existing opportunities. We have a commitment to sustain a healthy and active lifestyle, to care for ourselves and for those who need support. At the same time, maintaining a high level of performance is one of our core values.


1. Club "Fanbook – Izvoarele istoriei" is initiated and supported by La Fantana and proposes Brasov teenagers a practical way of understanding history

The project’s objective is to develop the children’ and adolescents’ habit of reading one book per month and then to discuss it through free talks among themselves and historians, writers, archaeologists and professors.

2. “Fanbook – Izvoarele istoriei”, initiated and supported by La Fantana, was launched in Cluj.

Authors, historians, archaeologists and professors propose teenagers a new approach to reading and a pleasant way of learning history through stimulating the critical thinking and idea exchange.

‚Äč3. Fanbook reading Club brings together children around history books under the “History springs” theme, a module initiated and supported by La Fantana.

Starting October 2015 in Bucharest, Brasov, Sibiu and Cluj, authors, historians and archaeologists are talking with children about history.

4.La Fantana supports the "Start Triathlon Champions” Romanian Federation of Triathlon program.

The Romanian Triathlon Federation launched "Start Triathlon Champions”, a nationwide selection and training program for young athletes aged between 8 and 12 years.