La Fantana conducts 15,000 water tests per month

La Fantana conducts 15,000 water tests per month

About water testing in La Fântâna laboratories

According to food safety rules, La Fantana has implemented strict monitoring and control plans, based on which it tests water quality parameters. Each batch of water leaves the factory only after confirming compliance with all optimal and legal parameters. On average, we perform 15,000 physicochemical and microbiological analyses monthly, i.e., about 700 daily determinations. In this way, we ensure that the water that reaches customers is safe for consumption.

In addition, the company performs monthly analyses of water batches externally in the laboratories of the Public Health Directorates in Bucharest and Sibiu and at LAREX, the laboratory of the Consumer Protection Office, within the audits for validating the brand of tested Product LAREX.

La Fantana customers can also request free testing of mains water where purifiers exist or are desired, and our laboratories perform over 15,000 tests monthly.

Water testing looks for characteristics such as taste, smell, color, turbidity, conductivity, pH, nitrate and nitrite levels, chloride, ammonium, chlorine and iron concentrations, and germ count.

The company fully understands the responsibility of the services it delivers and acts permanently with all seriousness to guarantee the quality and safety of the products.