General commercial conditions


These general conditions duly supplement the contractual commercial conditions existing between LA FANTANA SRL ("LA FÂNTÂNA") and its customers.


















Contract = document concluded between LA FÂNTÂNA and its clients establishing rights and obligations assumed by the parties.

Annex = document integral part of the contract signed between the parties.

Instructions for use = explanatory document informing the customer about the methods of use of watercoolers, purifiers, espresso machines, and coffee machines, but also LA FÂNTÂNA products.

Product = Table water bottled in Bucharest and Spring water source Sibiu, as well as any coffee products in the commercial offer of LA FÂNTÂNA.

Complementary products = disposable cups, syrup, tea, sugar, and other products.

Services = transport, installation, filter exchange, sanitation, repair, ozonation, etc.

Bottle = polycarbonate packaging with a nominal capacity of 19 liters in which the Product is bottled.

Box (Bag-in-box) = packaging with a capacity of 10 liters containing the polyethylene bag with the product Spring water source Sibiu.

Dose = bottle/box of Product.

Equipment = any of the Equipment left in the Customer's use/custody: Dispensers that can be of 3 types: Watercooler, Miniwater-cooler, Carbowater-cooler; FILTER LA FANTANA; The espresso machine; Coffee machine.

Ozonation device / SIP = an innovative system that automatically sanitizes the water tank of the Equipment, usually every night. The programming of the ozonation device will be made by the Supplier according to the Customer's request, for the devices for which the installation of the ozonation device chooses.

Watercooler or Dispenser = heating and cooling equipment necessary for the consumption of Bottle-packed Products, equipment that can be equipped with the Ozonation Device, depending on the Customer's option.

Carbowater-cooler = heating and cooling equipment required for Product consumption with the optional addition of carbon dioxide.

Miniwater-cooler = heating and cooling equipment necessary for the consumption of Product packed in the Box.

Purifier = heating and cooling equipment, equipped with a drinking water filtration system, connected to a drinking water supply source, which can be equipped with an ozonation device, depending on the Customer's option.

Sanitation = external cleaning operations of the Equipment, followed by internal washing and disinfection of components that come into contact with water. Sanitation is performed either by specialized personnel or using the ozonation device installed on the Equipment, at the Customer's option.

Delivery interval = 9.00-18.00 for individuals - legal entities; 9.00-21.00 for individuals based on a predetermined schedule when signing the contract. The delivery interval is valid on working days.

Filter = device which purifies water through a filter material.

Filter system = set of two or more filters used for water purification.

Order = firm request of the Customer for the execution of delivery of Product, complementary products, and/or Services. This is done at the unique phone number: 021.2007.200, or other phone numbers promoted on the site, through the client's account accessible at: Or at,, And/or via La Fantana's online shop.

Coffee beans = coffee beans packed in hermetically sealed bag according to manufacturer specifications.

Monodoses of coffee = ground coffee and/or other specific ingredients, packed in a hermetically sealed container, according to the manufacturer, intended for the preparation of coffee using the coffee machine

Espresso machine/coffee machine = Electrical, automatic, coffee-making equipment powered by drinking water.


Complete package of La Fântâna brand services = all services provided by La Fântâna, including supply of the Complementary Product / Products, leaving in temporary custody the Equipment necessary for Product consumption, transport, installation, sanitation, filter exchange and service of the Equipment. Packages of Services, as defined by these Conditions, may be contracted as subscription, services, but also as supply, depending on the Customer's option.


La Fântâna brand water services package = all the services provided by La Fântâna, including supply of the LA FÂNTÂNA brand water product, leaving in temporary custody the watercoolers with/without ozonation device, mini watercoolers, carbo-watercoolers necessary for Product consumption, sanitation of all watercoolers with/without ozonation device and mini watercoolers, transport, installation, Service of all Equipment left in custody.

La Fântâna Purifier service package = all the services offered by La Fântâna including renting La Fântâna Purifier with/without ozonation device, carbo purifier, transport, installation, service, sanitation and exchange of filters for purifiers, at the intervals mentioned in the Contract/annexes.

Coffee service package = offering by the supplier of several espresso machines/coffee machines, transport, installation, service, and sanitation at the intervals mentioned in the Contract/annexes.

Customer = natural person, authorized natural person, or legal person who has concluded a contract with La Fântâna and who benefits from its products and goods. The customer may be called SUBSCRIBER, BENEFICIARY, BUYER, etc.

Order = the customer's firm request for the execution of the delivery of the Product that can be made at the unique phone number 021.2007.200, through the customer's account accessible through or and/or through La Fântâna's online store

Consumption 0 (zero) = lack of monthly orders from the customer, in case of subscription contracts. Failure of a delivery due to the fault of the customer.

Additional consumption = any monthly order issued by the customer after exhausting the quantity of Product stipulated in the subscription contract.

Delivery note = the document certifying the delivery of Products and/or the provision of services. Upon receipt of the products / after the provision of services, the approval will be confirmed by the customer either by signature or by sending the PIN code to the representative of La Fantana, in which case the mention "confirmed with PIN" will appear on the notice.

Invoice = supporting document recording the quantity, price, and type of goods and services purchased or shipped. It may replace the document accompanying the goods.

S.T.I. = request for transport and installation of equipment which also contains the minutes.

S.R.E. = equipment withdrawal request that also contains the minutes.

Technical sanitation note (N.T.I.) = standard document issued by the Supplier that is used for equipment sanitation operations.

Technical repair note (N.T.R.) = standard document issued by the supplier that is used to perform equipment repairs, the replaced parts or parts are entered in the document.

Technical note for filter exchange (N.T.S.F.) = standard document issued by the supplier that is used to exchange filters, the replaced filters are entered in the document.




The minimum duration of services provided as a subscription ("Initial Mandatory Period") is 12 months and is automatically extended for periods equal to the Initial Mandatory Period unless either party notifies its intention to terminate the Agreement by means of ensuring acknowledgment of receipt. The mandatory period is calculated from the date of signing the contract.




The invoice is issued monthly until the end of the current month, regardless of the quantity of Product ordered. For certain services, LA FÂNTÂNA may decide that the billing and payment method will be made differently (e.g. every two months, etc.), in which case the specific provisions of the negotiated contract will apply.

If deliveries in a month exceed the number of Products delivered within the subscription, LA FÂNTÂNA, in addition to the monthly invoice for the subscription, will issue an additional invoice for the quantity ordered in addition, this quantity is called Additional consumption.

LA FÂNTÂNA will be able to change the prices and/or values in the contract.   Customers who do not agree with the changes have the right to unilaterally terminate the existing contract(s) between the two parties by a notification with acknowledgment of receipt, without however having the right to claim or obtain compensation or damages. The termination of the contract for the above reasons leads to the application of the provisions regarding the obligations of the parties in case of termination of the contractual relations.

Sending invoices. Because we support digitization and environmental protection, LA FÂNTÂNA sends the invoice to the Customers to the e-mail address mentioned in the contract and/or through various other legal shipping methods. LA FÂNTÂNA may decide at any time, unilaterally, to change the method of sending the invoice, without the obligation to notify the Customer about this. LA FÂNTÂNA is not responsible for the Customer's non-receipt of the invoice for reasons not attributable to LA FÂNTÂNA.

Upon request, the customer can receive invoices by mail/delivery person and will pay the tariff for this service of 2.5 lei/invoice + VAT.

Acceptance of invoices. Given the nature of the services provided by LA FÂNTÂNA, the Customer has the obligation to inquire about the payment amounts calculated following the terms of the contract and to pay them in due time. The CLIENT who has not received the invoice is not exempt from paying the indicated amount but may request its recommunication. Thus, he will be able to address to the Customer Service department at 021.2007.207 (complaints department), any complaints regarding the billing method, upon request being able to receive by email a scanned copy of the invoice.

The invoice issued by LA FÂNTÂNA will be expressly or tacitly accepted by the Customer. The invoice not disputed within 7 days from the date of issue is considered irrevocably accepted for payment by the Customer.

Payment term. Payment of invoices will be made within 7 days from the date of their issuance. For any additional quantities to the subscription and other services provided during the month, the payment term is identical to that mentioned in the contract.

Price. Currency. LA FÂNTÂNA calculates the prices of subscriptions and rents in Lei, according to the RON/EURO/other currencies exchange rate, communicated by ING Bank, valid for the first day (01) of each month, after 2 p.m., on website. For Product supply contracts, the exchange rate communicated by ING Bank on the website, valid for the day of issuing the invoice, will be applied.

In the case of other services carried out during a month of subscription (for example, but not limited to, filter exchange, sanitation, additional consumption, etc.), the RON/EURO/other currencies exchange rate communicated by ING Bank will be the one on the day of issuing the invoice on the website, at 14:00.

Price indexation. The beneficiary agrees that LA FÂNTÂNA indexes the prices negotiated at the signing of the contract in RON, in case of significant market changes (fluctuation of the RON/EURO exchange rate by +/- 5%, compared to the value recorded by Euro since the date of signing the contract) or increase in the prices of raw materials and fuels.

Late payment penalties. LA FÂNTÂNA reserves the right to request penalties of 0.15% per day, starting from the 25th day of delay (25 days after the due date of the invoice, according to the contract). The total of penalties for late payment, provided for above, may exceed the amount on which they are calculated.

Imputation of payment. If the Client registers outstanding amounts, he declares that he agrees that the imputation of payment will be made with priority over penalties, older debts, and then over the obligation whose maturity has been fulfilled more recently.


For the execution of the delivery of Products, the Customer shall firmly request the quantity allocated by subscription. In addition, he may request other goods and services stipulated in the contract or La Fantana's offer. The firm request will be made at the unique phone number 021.2007.200 or other phone numbers promoted on the site, through the customer's account accessible at:, or at,, as well as through the online store.

If the Customer has not received the ordered quantity due to his fault, he will pay the mandatory value of the monthly subscription, and the unconsumed products from the quantity allocated monthly, will be carried over to the next month, but not more than the expiration date of a period of 6 months.

The placing of orders or acceptance of goods by the Customer, after being notified, represents his express acceptance of the new prices or values, which are to apply from the date indicated in the notification.

LA FÂNTÂNA reserves the right to unilaterally establish a credit limit regarding delivery orders for extra-subscription products and will honor them only following the limit thus established.




LA FÂNTÂNA will make deliveries following the acceptance of orders, but only within the limits of available stocks. Delivery will be made on working days, within the Delivery Interval. In special situations, LA FÂNTÂNA can choose to change the delivery schedule.

Documents associated with deliveries: LA FÂNTÂNA will issue the fiscal invoice, and Product deliveries will be made based on invoices and the Declaration of Conformity/notice accompanying the goods that will be confirmed by the customer either by signature or by sending the PIN code to the representative of La Fântâna, as the case may be.

LA FÂNTÂNA undertakes to deliver the Product according to the Declaration of Conformity, which is guaranteed until the moment of unsealing the Products by the Beneficiary. After unsealing the Products by the Customer, the SUPPLIER cannot guarantee the quality of the Product in the event of unfavorable intervention of external factors or case of non-compliant use of the Instructions for Use, for example, but not limited to exposure of the Products to sunlight, failure to consume the Product within 3 weeks of unsealing, storage of the Product in unhygienic conditions, not sanitizing hands before unsealing doses, etc.

The Customer is obliged to comply exactly with the General Instructions for the Use of the Equipment. These can be consulted in the or the extract, applied to each Equipment. Otherwise, LA FÂNTÂNA is exonerated from any liability.

If the Customer unjustifiably refuses the installation of the contracted products, and/or the installation is not carried out for reasons not attributable to LA FÂNTÂNA, then the latter is exonerated from any liability, and the contract concluded by the parties terminates by right, without the need for prior notification or formal notice. The termination of the contract occurs by commission pact without the intervention of the courts or any prior formalities.

LA FÂNTÂNA must hand over the Equipment in a compliant state of use, according to their destination, recorded by a delivery-receipt protocol. Along with the delivery - and receipt of the Equipment, training for their use is also done.



Delivery conditions in the case of the LA FÂNTÂNA brand water service package


The delivery of the LA FÂNTÂNA brand water product bottled in 19 liter bottles can be done only by changing the empty packaging with the full one.

The Customer will pay the equivalent value of the bottle, becoming their owner, and upon termination of the contract, they can be redeemed by LA FÂNTÂNA, at the Customer's request, according to the purchase price, provided that they are in a normal state of wear.

The customer has the obligation to store the water bottles in clean spaces before and after use, as well as not to remove the protective stopper.  The Customer is obliged to refuse to receive the Product bottle that does not have the specific seal LA FÂNTÂNA.

If the empty bottles are damaged by the Customer, either from a functional and aesthetic point of view or from a food point of view, the delivery agent will refuse to take them over by drawing up a report in this regard.  Also, LA FÂNTÂNA may refuse to receive in exchange the bottles that have not applied the protective stopper, drawing up a report in this regard.

If, at the time of delivery of the bottles with the Product, the Customer does not refund to the Supplier the number of compliant empty bottles for the exchange of empty containers, according to the order, the Supplier reserves the right to invoice the empty bottles not returned.

The equivalent value of the replaced bottles will be invoiced by LA FÂNTÂNA. Thus, the Beneficiary will buy an equal number of bottles with the destroyed or damaged ones, to continue exchanging empty bottles with full ones.




After signing the contract, LA FÂNTÂNA will leave in the temporary custody of the CLIENT the equipment necessary for carrying out the object of the contract.

The SUPPLIER shall at all times retain ownership of the Equipment and any other property which it has transferred to the Customer temporarily for the performance of this Agreement.

In case of termination of the Agreement for any reason (non-payment of overdue invoices, failure to reach the consumption threshold mentioned in the contracts, etc.), the Supplier reserves the right to send to the Customer at his email address a notification for the collection of any Equipment owned by the Supplier. The notification shall state the date on which the Supplier reserves the right to collect the Equipment from the Customer's installation location.

If for any reason the delivery of the Equipment does not take place on schedule, the action of withdrawing the Equipment as well as any reprogramming, as above, will be repeated only once.

If as a result of the 2 actions of taking over the Equipment they do not come into the possession of the Supplier, for reasons beyond the control of the Supplier, the Customer undertakes to return the Equipment within 3 working days from the last withdrawal action to one of the Supplier's working points, during working hours 9.00 -17.00.

If within 3 working days from the last withdrawal action of the Supplier the Customer does not return the Equipment, the Supplier reserves the right to invoice their compensation value specified in the contracts and/or installation minutes. The invoice representing the equivalent value of compensation will be sent to the Client by email to the address mentioned by the Client in the Agreement.

Preventing the PROVIDER, under any circumstances by the Customer, from repossessing the Equipment or any other goods it has received, as a result of termination, for whatever reason, of this Agreement, constitutes an abuse of trust and is punished accordingly. In such a situation, the Client shall pay as compensation their value.




LA FÂNTÂNA will perform the sanitation of the Equipment following the contractual provisions, either through specialized personnel or through the Ozonation Device, as appropriate. Also, LA FÂNTÂNA will provide additional sanitation, for a fee, at the Client's request.

If the Client omits or refuses to perform sanitation or refuses LA FÂNTÂNA staff access, in order to perform sanitation, LA FÂNTÂNA will be exonerated from any liability regarding the quality of the services provided.




Given that throughout the contract, the Customer uses the Equipment received in temporary custody, he will responsibly use the devices, and to maintain them at standard parameters of use, he will supply them with the LA FÂNTÂNA brand Product or with the products sold by it. For coffee machines, the Customer is obliged to use drinking water.

In case of violation of the above clause, LA FÂNTÂNA is exonerated from any liability regarding the quality of any products or services provided by this contract, and the Customer understands and accepts without reservation that the supply of other products, not provided under this contract, will lead to the operation of the appliances at parameters not guaranteed by LA FÂNTÂNA. Such use automatically leads to damage to the appliances, as well as to the loss of any type of guarantees offered by this contract, as well as the possibility of LA FÂNTÂNA requesting termination of the contract.

To verify compliance with this chapter, LA FÂNTÂNA reserves the right to check by sampling the equipment and their metering system, will take water samples from the watercooler and the bottle in the presence of a laboratory of LA FÂNTÂNA, as well as of a third authorized person. These samples will be performed specific analyzes to verify the physicochemical composition of the product « water brand LA FÂNTÂNA », and if it is found that other products have been used or the water in the bottle does not correspond to the physicochemical characteristics mentioned above, the Customer will be obliged to bear the expenses occasioned by performing the analyzes and at the same time will compensate LA FÂNTÂNA with the amount of 300 Euro,  amount representing expenses related to bringing the device into optimal working condition.

Also, any water sampling carried out at the initiative of the Customer will be carried out only in the mandatory presence of a representative of LA FÂNTÂNA, thus concluding a Sampling Report. The minutes must be signed by both parties. Violation of these express provisions removes any liability of LA FÂNTÂNA.

In case of sampling request, the Customer does not have the right to change the location of the watercooler until the arrival of the representative LA FÂNTÂNA, being forbidden to change the bidon located on the device or power supply.

To ensure the optimal quality of services and products, the Customer will purchase from LA FÂNTÂNA, filters, spare parts, and any other goods provided by contract or in the commercial offer, etc.

The Customer is obliged to immediately notify LA FÂNTÂNA at the phone number 021.2007.207, of any damage that occurred to the Equipment and not to intervene in any way to remedy the damage. The equipment will be immediately disconnected from the power source until the arrival of qualified personnel of LA FÂNTÂNA for service. Violation of the above provisions exonerates LA FÂNTÂNA from any liability.

The Customer is obliged to interrupt the electricity supply to the Equipment, in case of leaving the installation site, for a period longer than 24 hours.

LA FÂNTÂNA is exonerated from any liability in case of any incidents occurred to the Customer or any person using the equipment within the installation location, as a result of improper handling and/or use of the devices, which contradicts the instruction for use made at installation or the General Instructions for the use of the equipment.

The drinking water supplying the Purifier and coming from the Customer's drinking water supply network must meet the conditions of Law 458/2002, with subsequent amendments and completions.

The Customer will not allow the use of the Equipment by minors under 12 years of age, persons without discernment, persons with severe physical disabilities, persons with medical prohibitions established on products containing coffee or its derivatives, etc. Violation of the above provisions exonerates LA FÂNTÂNA from any liability.

Upon signing the contract, the Customer will be able to purchase goods that can be redeemed upon termination of the contract by LA FÂNTÂNA, according to the purchase price, provided that they are in a normal state of use and with the normal degree of wear of a use according to the General Instructions for Use.

LA FÂNTÂNA will install the Equipment according to the locations specified by the Beneficiary in the Annexes to the contract. The customer does not have the right to relocate the equipment already installed without the knowledge, consent, and intervention of LA FÂNTÂNA. The violation of the above provisions exonerates LA FÂNTÂNA from any liability, the Customer is obliged to compensate LA FÂNTÂNA with their value stipulated in the Contracts and/or the Delivery-receipt Minutes.

The beneficiary is obliged to ensure the access of qualified personnel of LA FÂNTÂNA to each installed device to carry out checks, repairs, and sanitation. If the Beneficiary wishes to relocate the installed equipment, he will notify LA FÂNTÂNA in writing at least 3 days before the requested date.

LA FÂNTÂNA undertakes to remedy as soon as possible any malfunctions that occurred in the operation of the Equipment, as a result of situations that occurred according to the contractual provisions or as a result of situations that occurred during the warranty period, at its expense, unless the defect is due to the fault of the Customer.

The Customer shall provide free of charge a space for the installation of the Equipment, providing for them free access to the utilities necessary for their proper functioning (for example, but not limited to, the possibility of connection to the 220V/50Hz electrical network, ensuring mandatory grounding, drinking water network, etc.). The space provided will be hygienic and under the General Instructions for Use.

The Customer has the obligation to use the Equipment as a good owner, according to its intended purpose. Violation of these above provisions exonerates LA FÂNTÂNA from any liability. If the Equipment is damaged due to the exclusive fault of the Customer, he will bear the full costs of repairs that will be invoiced by LA FÂNTÂNA.

It is strictly forbidden to change carbon dioxide cylinders by the Customer or by any third party, except for the LA FÂNTÂNA service department.  The violation of this clause exonerates LA FÂNTÂNA from any liability and automatically leads to the legal termination of the contract, the withdrawal of the carbo-cooler, and the billing to the Customer of the value of the damage caused as well as any penalties or compensation.

LA FÂNTÂNA is exonerated from any liability in case any incidents occurred to the CLIENT as a result of improper handling and use that contradicts the user training performed when installing the equipment.

LA FÂNTÂNA reserves the right to immediately withdraw the Equipment if the Customer does not pay his invoices on time or does not comply with his contractual obligations. Withdrawal may also operate in cases of fraud or provision of erroneous data.




Unconsumed doses of Product and/or coffee from the quantity included in the subscription may be carried over to the next month of subscription, but not more than 6 (six) months. Each month, the quantity carried forward will be updated and the quantity carried forward and unordered will be deleted so that the Customer will remain at any time with a quantity carried forward for a maximum period of 6 (six) months. Product bottles and/or coffee carried over may be ordered only after the quantities included in the subscription for that period have been consumed. The CUSTOMER will not be exempt from paying the equivalent value of the monthly subscription if it will have 0 (zero) consumption or the ordered quantity will be lower than the contracted quantity.

In case of termination of the contract due to fault or at the initiative of the CLIENT, he will lose the entire quantity carried over.




During the term of the contract, LA FÂNTÂNA may suspend delivery services in several situations:

If the Client exceeds the payment deadline of the due invoice by more than 30 days;

If it is discovered that the Client's identification/contact data no longer correspond to those initially declared when signing the contract, the Customer has the obligation to notify LA FÂNTÂNA within 5 days of changing his/her identification/contact data;

If the Customer will not allow access to authorized personnel of LA FÂNTÂNA to make deliveries or sanitations according to the contract or to make findings;

During sampling, if any.





The parties agree to respect the confidentiality of signed contracts. They will not disclose data on the content of contracts and will not communicate in public data or information regarding their activities unless they are officially requested by the authorities, or the law imperatively provides for it. The Client understands and accepts that any violation of the obligations to maintain the confidentiality of confidential data and information creates damages LA FÂNTÂNA, and depending on their size and extent, the Client may be held liable.

Any notification, event, or communication will be strictly confidential, and the parties will make the necessary efforts to respect the confidentiality character.

The modification of the Client's identification data, as well as the change of addresses and/or telephones, e-mail, etc. will be notified to LA FÂNTÂNA within 5 days of the change, and any consequences produced by the lack of notification will be borne by the guilty party.

Processing of personal data. The customer agrees in writing to have his/her data processed for marketing purposes and/or to be transferred to third parties. The agreement will take effect from the date of registration of its receipt by LA FÂNTÂNA.

Individuals have according to the applicable legislation the following rights: the right to information, the right to access to data, the right to intervene in data and the right to opposition, the right not to be subject to an individual decision, and the right to appeal to justice.




The client declares on his responsibility that he is in working condition and is not in at least one of the following situations, at the date of signing the contract: the company is not in the process of deregistration or deregistration, the company's activity is not temporarily suspended/interrupted, the state of bankruptcy has not been declared/ordered, does not have an expired registered office,  does not have an expired identity card (in case of individuals).

If the identification data provided by the Client do not comply or his situation does not correspond to the above, the contract will not be executed by the Supplier until the exact remedy of the assumed obligations, without the former being able to claim damages; If this situation exceeds 30 working days, the contract terminates by operation of law.

These General Terms and Conditions of Business produce legal effects from the date of their entry into force until the date of their replacement by the new version.

The nullity or ineffectiveness of a clause does not affect the validity of the entire contract or the other clauses. If some provisions of the framework contract are null or void, the contracting parties undertake to interpret them according to the General Commercial Conditions in force on the date of nullity or to replace them with clauses corresponding to the economic interests of both parties, by the meaning and purpose of the concluded contract.

Any modification or addition to the content of the contract shall be made only using an addendum or corresponding annexes.

These General Terms and Conditions of Business were adopted today, 30.09.2020.


La Fantana SRL


Cristian Amza - Administrator