La Fântâna, market leader for over 25 years in Romania Your expert in customized water and coffee solutions.
La Fântâna, market leader for over 25 years in Romania Your expert in customized water and coffee solutions.
Advice in order to correctly identify the solution that suits your needs / preferences
We leave your equipment in custody and take care of its maintenance
We monitor water daily through hundreds of rigorous tests conducted in our own laboratories
A La Fântâna specialist will take care of installing the equipment
We deliver water and coffee through our own fleet
Regular or on-demand maintenance and service
Our equipment
We come to you with intelligent water filtration solutions, services that include equipment and bottled water in large reusable packaging, but also with espresso machines suitable for any preference or need for coffee consumption.
Bottle free Watercooler &
filtration systems
With technology inspired by nature, this equipment is connected to the drinking water system of the building and filters mains water efficiently and safely. Depending on the model chosen, you will have a cold, ambient temperature, hot, and/or carbonated water at your discretion.
Bottled Watercooler with
Bottled Watercoolers are the classic solution for hydration in office spaces. It provides cold, hot, or even carbonated water (on certain models).
Bottled Watercooler with 10L
Bottled Watercooler in innovative packaging is a modern and elegant solution for your business. It provides cold and hot water.
Coffee & espresso
Our complete service packages include KAFUNE's brand of coffee, espresso machines suited to your needs and preferences, and complementary products.
Water purification systems for Professional
Discover our high-performance Hospitality solutions equipment to prepare your perfect coffee and filtered water services
Do you want water for at home?
You can have it in your preferred or optimal form: filtered with smart equipment, bottled in environmentally friendly containers, with or without a dispenser.
Soluția de apă potrivită companiei tale, la un singur pas Soluția de apă potrivită companiei tale, la un singur pas
Why choose La Fântâna
We offer integrated, personalized water and coffee services anywhere in Romania. From households to industrial spaces, from individual cabinets to office buildings, from hospitals and town halls to operators in the hospitality industry, where drinking water and/or coffee are needed, we have the optimal solution.
During this time we managed to develop and become the best in what we do.
of over 25 years
Complete services
Our integrated services include not only the supply of equipment and delivery of consumables; we intervene quickly when needed.
for over 40,000 companies
Care for nature
Our hydrating solutions are more environmentally friendly. Network water filtration systems and reusable polycarbonate containers eliminate the need to buy, transport, and store drinking water in single-use plastic packaging.
Regardless of the source, La Fântâna water is always safe and good to drink.
Filtered water
Filtered drinking water guarantees perfect daily hydration by eliminating contaminants with modern filtration technology. The result is good water, with natural minerals and no taste or smell of chlorine, ideal for you and your family.
Spring water
Bottled in its natural state directly from the source, spring water has an optimal oligomineral content which makes it suitable to drink daily.
Mineral water
Bottled in its natural state directly from the source in a protected area, away from any source of pollution, Sestina natural mineral water is an oligomineral water with a balanced taste.
Discover all about the science behind water and coffee, but also about what we do to protect water sources in nature.

More than 40,000 companies trust us
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We appreciate the ability to respond promptly, at the level of expectations, with solutions adapted to our specific needs.
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