La Fantana provides daily coffee flavor for 430.000 romanians.


La Fantana performes over 370.000 deliveries every year


La Fantana offers hydration solutions for over 3 millions romanian workers


La Fantana does over 180.000 water tests in one year

Services and Products

We have been developing alongside the Romanian business market since 2001. We are offering a wide range of water and coffee services and can cover all needs of companies – all types, sizes and areas of activity included.

Water Subscriptions

We are the market leaders of the water services industry. Our experience since 2001, our infrastructure and products allow us to offer services in watercooler systems and purifiers for any type of company or home use. We believe in long-lasting relationships and enjoy the privilege of being long term partners with our customers. We acknowledge that trust in services is kept through efficiency, fairness and flexibility, and we act to serve these values.

Coffee Subscriptions

We created custom subscriptions for coffee by always keeping in mind our customers’ expectations. Our turnkey subscriptions include coffee, equipment, delivery, maintenance and service. We carefully select products and deliver them along with a number of additional benefits to streamline your costs.


For a complete experience, our offer also includes an extended portfolio such as: bottled water, coffee, milk, tea, sweeteners but also cups, glasses, coffee stirrers and more.

About La Fantana

We belive in lasting relationships and we enjoy beeing long term partners for our clients. We know that the confidence in our services is maintained through efficency, fairness and flexibility and each of our actions serve these values.

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