What are the health benefits of water?

Specialists have been recommending it for a long time, and this is no longer a novelty – to keep our body in shape we need to consume plenty of fluids - mainly water. But have you wondered why this amount and what major benefits drinking water has on the body?

What is the recommended amount of water for daily consumption?

The recommended two liters of water are a convention – an average amount that researchers arrived at by calculating the body's various needs and benefits. For example, drinking two liters of water a day helps us burn 96 calories more than we consume on average in a normal day.

Water consumption, beyond satisfying the natural need – thirst – has multiple benefits for the body, and introducing water consumption habits can have effects, "targeted" to a specific goal, from losing weight to moisturizing the skin.

Prevention of premature skin aging

Water consumed regularly, without claiming any "elixir of youth", is the most important in hydrating the skin. That's because water "pushes" cells towards the epidermis, which also "levels" wrinkles and other signs of the passage of time on your skin. So, before you resort to all kinds of moisturizers, make sure you drink two liters of water a day – to save your skin!

Maintaining an optimal weight

Obviously, "miracle diets" with water have appeared, but that's not the point but is something much simpler. If you drink two glasses of water with, say, a maximum of half an hour before a meal, you will eat less, because the water "steals" from the feeling of hunger. In addition, water speeds up metabolism and "pulls" fats and harmful substances with it on its way through the body. So, whether you're on a diet – but especially if you're on one! Two liters of water drunk daily should be the basic rule.

Energizing the body through hydration

We cannot live without water. If we are in the desert without water and food, we die first of dehydration, not malnutrition. In short, hydration is one of the pillars on which our lives stand. Why? Among other things, because it is essential in pumping blood to the heart and transporting oxygen throughout the body. Maybe you didn't know this was happening, but you feel it every time you feel drowsy and drink water and recover almost instantly. Now you know why! ;)

Increased resistance to stress

Creierul nostru – de la care, nu-i așa, pornesc mai toate! – Our brain – from which, isn't it, most of them start! – means almost 80% water, connected to the rest of the water in the body. When we become dehydrated, the water in the brain also decreases – and this makes us more susceptible to stress. Drinking water regularly throughout the day therefore keeps the brain hydrated, and it rewards us by resisting stress better. It was not for nothing that the expression "Take with water!" appeared!

Improving physical performance

Probably the most well-known benefit of drinking water – only we call it "thirst". Because it is the oxygen carrier in the body, water directly influences muscle health and joint "lubrication" – and hydration allows them to work better and, implicitly, to resist better effort.

Development of cognitive functions

It's the same story as anti-stress resistance. Our brain needs, first, to be oxygenated. And it's water that does that. If you don't believe us, think drunkenness. Alcohol dehydrates, including the elimination of water from the brain – it's the reason why "wine speaks" for us when we overdo alcohol consumption and do not care to drink water. So, for the proper functioning of our mind, the two liters of water are vital!

Stimulation of the immune system

Finally, intense, and regular consumption of water is one of the most effective ways to strengthen our immune system. That's because water works as the body's "vidanjor”, and it is she who carries toxic substances to the liver and kidneys to be neutralized and eliminated. Regular consumption of water helps the body fight toxins and prevent them from "settling".


The list of reasons why we should drink at least two liters of water a day is far from ending here. But it is good to remember and remember the most important ones, although everyone will say "But everyone knows this". The same "everyone" forgets to hydrate properly. So, dear "everyone", remember to drink those two liters of water every day!