A FUN coffee! And excellent.
And we bring it to your home.
In addition to water, we also deliver the dose of energy or the moment of indulgence that you find in a coffee. KAFUNE coffee is available at home in seven blends created by Italian experts, each with its own qualities and personality, blends that we can deliver to your door. They can come in various consumer formats, with or without an espresso machine.
Discover all the products below and order what suits you!
Most coffee pods on the market have 7g of coffee. KAFUNE monodoses are specially created for the KAFUNE espresso machine, they have 9g of coffee and are ready to give you a perfect espresso in large quantity, creamy and with a strong aroma.
Coffe beans
The smell of freshly ground coffee is one of the most loved in the world. That's why we preserve the freshness of the coffee beans, so that you only discover it when you grind them to prepare your coffee. You find a new experience in every bag of KAFUNE coffee beans, selected, roasted and masterfully combined by talented Italian experts.
Coffee Capsules
If you already have a capsule espresso machine at home compatible with one of the Espresso Point, Lavazza Blue or Nespresso standards, you can enjoy your favorite KAFUNE blend. The intense aroma, creaminess and tastes of KAFUNE are found in every capsule. If you don't have it, we'll bring it to you.